Barbara Kuczynska Baio

Barbara Kuczynski started her education in fine arts at 14 years of age in Washington Irving High School in New York City. In recognition of her talent, she won a scholarship to study at the American Art School in Manhattan.

She continued her education at Cooper Union, for the advancement of arts and sciences, where she was awarded a full four-year scholarship to study fine arts. She graduated in 1958.  With fellow artists, they started a studio above the Alabama Saloon in the Bowery.  It was one of the first artist studios which helped to define this area as SoHo.

The Ladies Home Fashion League was so impressed with the studio that Barbara Kuczynski was awarded a scholarship to study Interior Design at Pratt Institute.  She worked in the interior design field where she met her late husband, George Baio.

Barbara continued to paint and sign her paintings, “Kuczynska”.  Kuczynska was the original polish name and the “ska” indicates “daughter of”.

After her husband passed away, Barbara moved to California and began painting in the plein air style.  Click here to view her portfolio.

Her work is in private collections and is not for sale.  Commissions are considered.  Click here to contact Barbara.

Barbara Kuczynska Baio is presently living back on the East Coast and continues to make new discoveries in her art. She is faithful to the oil on canvas method.

Pratt Institute